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Question: I like the drawing , what are you trying to say by presenting the character in a feminine style ?
Referring to:…

Answer: I want to get rid of the idea of gender when looking at a person. Like you don't have to be boyish to do boyish things and you dont have to be girly to do girl things and that those "things" don't matter if that makes sense.
So obviously this is a male character, he isn't trying to conceal he is in fact a man, he isn't trying to make himself curvy he isn't trying to act like a girl (this is completely different if a person wants to btw) but I just want to change how people look at things.
Because the middle one is a play on Michalangelo's dying slave. Which people interrupt wrong to this day because of the idea of homosexuality (which btw my goal is to completely get rid of the words gay, lesbian, asexual, straight, I want the only thing a person sees is a person they like based on feelings from the heart)

I'm going to be a great comic artist one day.
Regardless if it takes years or happens once I've left this world and left comics behind to find

My goals are to completely rid gender from love. It won't matter if your straight, gay or lesbian. I'm going to teach the world it doesn't matter how you dress, where you come from, or who you fall in love with. A person is a person and nothing else matters aside from how /you/ feel.

I've always been conflicted on what type of story to write because of this barrier. No more, today that barrier is broken. I will teach people with my own two artistic hands that people are so much more then gender. You will laugh, you will cry, you will smile, but most importantly you'll learn love is the same consistent thing despite everything else and that even you'll forget about the gender of the characters. You'll just be invested solely for the characters experience themselves. If you connect with even one of the 6 characters I will have succeeded.

That is my purpose. That is my future.

I do not believe in the labels Gay, Straight,Bi,Lesbian, Asexual...etc
None of them. I just believe in feelings, emotions, and love.


Deeeeply Touched

It's really amazing how my statement I made about my future and my goals with what I do has sparked a small response already.
I /already/ have people messaging me there secrets and feels/fears about where they feel they stand with love and the worlds view or what something means to them.
I am actually deeply touched that I haven't even created this comic yet and people feel they can confine in me, It makes me extremely happy and more motivated to make sure I make my goal happen. It will change someones life I'm sure if just the idea alone can spark someones day and give them something to look forward to.

Honestly I noticed I fail at the whole communicating to followers and such but I am always open for a conversation and love to hear what people say and think.

So please always feel free to send me a message or share something if you want, I wont give names I wont smear you around. If anything its the people just like you who motivate me to make sure this will happen!
What do you say? Lets team up and help make this comic of mine reality? You help just by messaging me, believing in me, and just liking the idea

I greatly appreciate you guys I do
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Shannon AKA Jannie
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello Everyone!
So my name is Shannon, aka Jannie.
Commonly called Rainbow and/or Noodle

I am currently a Junior in College studying to become a Sequential Artist with a Storyboard Minor!

btw...My hair changes a lot so don't be surprised if my drawings never match up with my hair style :U
herp derp its gonna be rainbow again soon enough

Visit my store on Storenvy

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ShanayAnderson Jan 7, 2014   Filmographer
Storyboard minor?  That would certainly explain your excellent environment drawings! :D  Thank you for the fave!
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zacrutterart Jan 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey Cuzzo just thinking about you! I love you and I'm still incredibly jealous of your life in Europe XD hope your having fun feel free to call or text me with your tails of the other worlds whenever! <3 
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kurofoxie Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the points! ;w; :heart:
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luv me back :'c
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i still miss you ;~;
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